Testing Dynamics Services

Test your Microsoft Dynamics AX customisations

In the Microsoft Dynamics AX world customisation means software development and software developments needs software testing. Our testers can apply rigorous software test analysis techniques and test execution practices to ensure customisations are not the weak points in your AX software.

Test your Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

Your Microsoft AX solution does not standalone. Interfaces with other systems need to be correct and reliable. Integration testing provides the confidence that these will work in the real-world. Integration testing involves testing numerous facets of interface operation. Testing needs to cover normal functioning of both ends of the interface, throughput, error handling and recovery. Our test team are versed in using both real connected systems and custom built simulators to ensure integrations are fit for purpose.

Business solution testing

Ensuring your business processes will work end to end from cradle to grave is fundamental to a successful deployment. You need confidence that the multitude of systems involved understand each other’s data and play well together. When any system changes the regression risk this creates must be addressed. We are specialists in preparing and executing tests driven by business process rather than by software specifications, tests that test the specification as well as the implementation and that can be reused as the basis for business acceptance testing.

Performance testing Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365

Performance testing Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 is key to the success of your business solution. Slowness, lost transactions and downtime cost you time and money. Effective technical testing allows you to address these factors ahead of deployment rather than fire-fighting them in production. Our team’s expertise in the delivery of technical and non-functional testing on large scale enterprise systems provides you with the capability you need to make certain your system will behave in service. We provide performance testing of your core Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 installation using automation and the Microsoft Performance Benchmark SDK, including soak, perfromance and stress testing your interfaces demonstrating their limits and break points. Armed with consistent data from these tests the quality of service the solution provides can be managed effectively.

Enable business acceptance

Business users need to acceptance test the system but they are not professional testers and can’t do it alone. They need support selecting tests, planning how to test, preparing test data, setting up test users, assessing issues and reporting status. Left alone to do this they will not be successful. We provide an effective planning and execution support wrap for business acceptance testing. Our experienced test managers and analysts can guide test selection and preparation. They can provide user accounts and test data that will work and they can help to separate issues from noise and report clear status. They can ensure acceptance activities execute to a planned predictable timeline rather than getting bogged down by infeasible tests, missing data and misunderstanding.

Test automation

Test automation of Dynamics AX is very challenging, reliably interacting with the desk-top client defeats most tools, complex data sets are hard to manipulate, it is not like automating a website or Dynamics 365. Our automation wrapper uses Microsoft’s interface automation technologies to encapsulate the desktop client and present a robust interface to enable automated regression test capability. The complexity of interacting with the client is taken away. Test automation can then focus on the business flow and not on the intricacies of handling the AX user interface.

Agile testing

Reducing the time to deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX or 365 means adopting development techniques from the agile school. Rather than a monolithic build stage followed by a similarly monolithic test activity the test and development teams can work together to test things as they are built. Quicker feedback and better interaction reduces costs and improves quality. Our leads and their teams are practised at working embedded alongside development teams using focused agile , exploratory and rapid testing techniques to drive up the quality of software whilst the cost to fix is lowest.

Specification assurance

Weak specifications are the Achilles heel of development, sound specifications drive down cost and reduce delay. Ambiguity and gaps in specifications tend not to be recognised until the test team start working with them and often by then things have already been built and either need correction or have to be tolerated. Engaging the test team in specification assurance helps to improve their quality. Awkward questions are asked before the development is done and rework is avoided. Our analysts bring this “tester” perspective and intolerance of ambiguity to the specification processes. Specifications become clearer and stronger and “fit for test” ahead of development.

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