Professional managed assurance for Microsoft Dynamics AX

A Change

Dynamics is evolving, moving from mid-market to enterprise scale deployments that demand enterprise scale delivery practices. One essential practice is effective independent QA and testing of Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365.

The Past

Traditionally, projects have used partner testing to validate the system ahead of business acceptance. Where client test teams did operate they were often made up of individual testers drawn from the contract market. The intrinsic lack of independence and transparency in this outdated model masks problems, delaying their discovery and magnifying their effect. In the new world these approaches are no longer fit for purpose.

The Future

A managed test service for Microsoft Dynamics AX or 365 implementations or upgrades, staffed by experienced specialists, offers an optimised solution. Their autonomy reduces management demands. Their expertise brings best practice to your project. Their reuse of collective experience, established methods and proven assets delivers efficiency and effectiveness. Their ethos ensures robust independence however bad the storm. The service brings transparency and reveals problems early whilst there is still time to respond.

Working with us

The Benefits

Shift that awkward management of the testing “problem” to the experts. Hit the ground running, no delays for team building, no time wasted debating how to work. Test effectively from day one. Test rigorously, using industry experts to do the job. Test efficiently, benefiting from our optimised capability and scale. Avoid the overheads of additional accommodation and support demands. Gain the ability to flex test capacity to match your release cycles, rather than pay for a standing team of testers, whether or not there is anything to test, secure professional test capacity “on demand” and pay for what you need.

Experience and reputation

Our leadership team has worked in testing for more than twenty years. They have owned and run some of the largest testing operations in the UK telecoms and financial services sectors. They are called in to provide test consultancy, leadership and programme troubleshooting when large complex enterprise IT programmes get into trouble. We have a history of bringing this expertise to be bear to support medium and small size enterprise with their IT and software programmes. We have now brought this experience to bear in the Dynamics arena.

We have tested many things in many ways and found many defects. We have a reputation for providing clarity, transforming quality and improving certainty, all factors that drive down long terms costs. We are the testing partner on one of the largest Dynamics global deployments in the world.

Make a move

Talk to us and find out how we have brought a new approach to testing for Dynamics deployments. Lets explore how we can bring certainty, quality and value to your programme.

What we do

What people say about us

"The quality of the people was head and shoulders above what we previously had. The point is that you would be better off keeping those three and getting rid of twelve others."
"Absolutely safe pair of hands. Fabulous rich experience. They find the right answer, whatever it takes."
"Adds much more value than other companies."
"Dedicated, determined, value-oriented, highly knowledgeable."
"We put him in front of the CEO. They respect what he says"
"They deliver. Incredibly hard-working, work all hours to put things right. Reliable."

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